There are a variety of goods unique to this district ranging from traditional crafts to modern character goods. You will find many kinds of items made using the water from the hot springs that make your skin smooth and beautiful.

Traditional Craftworks

Traditional Craftworks


Kutaniyaki is one of Japan’s prominent ceramic wares that originated in the Yamanaka Onsen area. The glazes incorporate five vibrant colors – greens, yellows, purples, reds and blues – in bold designs that define its unique characteristics.

Ushikubi Tsumugi

This is a pongee fabric produced in the Shiramine area of Hakusan City, Ishikawa Prefecture. This fabric is famous for its strength and resistance to tearing.

Yamanaka Lacquerware

This lacquerware is decorated using a coating techinique and a gold lacquer technique (maki-e) introduced in the Edo era (1603-1867). Yamanaka lacquerware is mainly used for tea ceremony.

Kaga Yuzen

This printed fabric, based on the Kaga Okunizome printing style very popular around the 18th century, has been designated a traditional Japanese craft. The climate of Kaga was instrumental in improving the technique by painter Miyazaki Yuzensai, the founder of Kyo Yuzen. Kaga Yuzen was established as a local specialty when the painter moved to Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture from Kyoto.

Cosmetic items

Cosmetic items

Yamashiro Onsen Mist

This face lotion, very popular since it was first sold in 2008, contains no antiseptic substances or harmful chemicals and is 100% natural hot spring water. The water contains many moisturizing properties so it tones and smoothes the skin.

Katayamazu Onsen Face Lotion “Umi no Shizuku”

This face lotion contains no antiseptic substances or harsh chemical ingredients and is 100% natural hot spring water. It contains many moisturizing properties, so it makes the skin smooth and well toned.

Character Goods

Character Goods

There are many character goods of all kinds featuring Kagatobi Kitty-chan, Disney characters and other famous cartoon “One Piece” figures limited to this area and, because you can’t buy them anywhere else, they make great souvenirs. Check them out!

Recommended Places to Buy Souvenirs

Recommended Places to Buy Souvenirs

Hokkkuriku Air Terminal Building Directly-managed Shop

Shopping Malls in Komatsu Airport with shops located on 1F, 2F and in the boarding area of the domestic flight area.
You can purchase popular confections, seafood, traditional goods including Kutaniyaki, Yamanaka lacquerware, and Wajimanuri, gold leaf items, and other local goods from the Hokuriku region (Ishikawa, Fukui and Toyama prefectures).

Duty Free Shop

Only available to international flight (Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei, International Charter Flights) users. Open 90 minutes before the first international flight of the day.
– Souvenirs (Japanese Sweets, etc.)
– Daily Necessities (necktie, belt, make-up, health items, etc.)
– Electronics
– Ramen Noodles Corner
– Character Goods
– Luxury Goods
– Liquors

BLUE SKY (Komatsu Airport 2F)

Specializing in delicacies and seafood of the Hokuriku region.

ANA FESTA (Komatsu Airport 2F)

Specializing in famous confections and delicacies of Hokuriku as well as ANA goods.

Toyoshima Monsieur (Komatsu Airport 2F)

Specializing in hats, scarves, and other European-style fashion accessories.

Fukumura (Komatsu Airport 2F)

Specializing in medicinal goods and cosmetics.