Various activities in the grand nature are offered in this area. From spring to autumn, climbing, hiking, biking, paragliding, and golfing are available and, in winter, the skiing is great.

Kawachisenjo Onsen Kanazawa Seymour
Hakusan Ichirino Onsen
Okuradake Kogen
Komatsu Country Club
The club house is a great place for executives to interact, with its prestigious-hotel-like equipment and services including the salon, restaurant and special room. It is also equipped with natural hot springs. The golf course is a high-grade course which makes the most of the terrain and natural features.
The number of holes: 18, IN 3,098 yards, OUT 3,110 yards
Komatsu Country Club (Japanese only)
Kaga Country Club
This is the only castle-style club house in Japan and was introduced in the magazine. After playing, you can relax while soaking in a natural hot spring bath in famous hot spring resort Kaga. There is also a sauna.
The number of holes: 27, Matsu (pine) 3,458 yards, Take (bamboo) 3,487 yards, Ume (plum) 3,338 yards
Kaga Country Club (Japanese only)
Hakusan Country Club (Japanese only)
Golf Club Twinfields (Japanese only)
Natadera Country Club (Japanese only)
Golf Course Komatsu Public (Japanese only)
Katayamazu Golf Club (Japanese only)
Kaga Central Golf Club (Japanese only)
Yamashiro Golf Club
Mountain Biking
Official Site (Japanese only)
Official Site (Japanese only)
Sisiku Kogen (Japanese only)
Radio Control Car
Hakusan Ichirino Kogen
Jogging and Walking
Kibagata Park