The Kaga/Hakusan area in the Hokuriku region in south-western Ishikawa Prefecture is blessed with grand nature and natural hot springs. The Kaga Onsen-kyo hot spring resort, which includes Yamashiro, Yamanaka, Katayamazu, and Awazu, is surrounded by picturesque views of the coast to the majestic Mt. Haku (Hakusan). Kutaniyaki, a Japanese ceramic ware that flourished in the beginning of the Edo era (1603-1867) and is still prominent today, has its origins at Yamanaka Onsen. Each Kaga's tourist site is easily accessible from JR Kaga Onsen Station which is about 1 hour 45 minutes from Kyoto or 2 hour 30 minutes from Osaka by limited express. Most Japanese hotels in Kaga Onsen offer free transfer from JR Kaga Onsen Station. Kutaniyaki glazes incorporate five vibrant colors - greens, yellows, purples, reds and blues - in bold designs that define its unique characteristics. The special techniques used to produce Kutaniyaki ceramic ware and Yamanaka lacquerware were developed in the same era and both are well-known for their historical value. This area is also famous for foods from the mountains and the sea and attracts many people.

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Kaga's Fine Four Onsen,
Ishikawa Prefecture
Arts, Craft and Crabs in Kaga / Hakusan City /
Komatsu City

Lady Kaga Awaits You

In addition to the splendid hot springs and local history, Yamashiro Onsen boasts the hospitality of "Lady Kaga," a group of women from Kaga (present-day Ishikawa Prefecture). The Ladies of Kaga can be seen awaiting your visit at many of the hotels.

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